eConnect Micro Data Service Platform

eConnect Micro Data Service Platform

Our Micro data service platform is a secure peer to peer services platform designed for streaming low latency data across you LAN, WAN & Cloud infrastructure securely. It is uniquely designed for multiple instances of the platform to collaborate and share data between companies securely.

Platform Features

Collaborate & Share Data

Unique secure infrastructure allows you to securely share data between companies without centralised hub’s or venues

Canary Deployment & Validation

Deploy multiple versions of a service and validate behavior in production for selected users before assigning it as the default version

Platform Data Store

Persist time series data available on your platform or sourced from another collaborating private platform to custom data stores

Access Control

Control and audit access to data consumed by peers on the platform or peers on other external platforms that are permissioned to collaborate and share data

Dynamic Data Discovery

Dynamically locate and create low latency peer to peer connections to data sources on your platform or another external permissioned platform

Peer To Peer Node API

Build custom services, adapters and GUI’s with a single Java or JavaScript Node API’s

Scale & Enhance

Run your data and compute services on multiple hosts on LAN, WAN, CLOUD and INTERNET or a combination of these

Time Synchronised Nodes

Add micro second time stamps to data or events collected by a node using a platform synchronised time stamp