eConnect Connector Framework

eConnect Connector Framework

An application framework to create low latency adapters, for market connectivity and system integration. 


Build High Performance Adapters in Days

We take care of all the usual application stuff you would normally have to do, including:
  • Application boot strapping
  • Transport decoupling and Threading Model
  • Loading properties and expose monitoring info
  • Dependency injection for connector and message transformer
All you have to do is :
  • Configure your connectors and message transformers
  • Add any special adaptor logic
Then just run the application.


Open Standard Connectors
Out Of the Box

The framework includes all the usual open standard connectors and some you might be surprised to see
  • JMS
  • FILE with real time file change detection
  • FIX
  • Websocket & Http
  • Bloomberg BPIPE (yes it’s open source)
  • TCP client/ server socket
  • FTP
  • eMail


Extend the Framework with Custom Connectors

Extend the connector suite with your own custom connectors. We have experience in building connections to many exchanges, venues and proprietary transports
  • ICAP
  • iBoxx
  • Bondscape
  • Tradeweb
  • Neptune
  • Reuters RFA API
  • ION Marketview
  • 29 West