eConnect Products

eConnect  Connector Framework

Connect to Reuters & Bloomberg for Market Data
Connect to ECNs for Pricing & Trading
Build High Performance Adapters in Days


eConnect Micro Data Services Platform

Build Distributed Data Services With Dynamic Data Discovery
Securely Share Data With Your Clients
Scale Your System Services Anywhere


Why More Building Blocks ?

Some of the features required by mission critical financial applications whether stand alone or distributed systems, include:

  • Low latency application connectivity

  • Fault tolerant and automated fail over

  • Application health stats publication

  • Secure and audited access control

  • Connection to tick data stores

We think these and others should be available "out of the box", without the need to build them every time. We aim to address this with our products, reducing build cost, system complexity and project risk.

Our products are specifically designed for mission critical, financial applications. Some elements are in use today, by most  top tier investment banks and buy side organisations.

Our Philosophy

Our products are designed from the ground up specifically for financial applications, the patterns used are tried and tested and have been implemented in many investment banks. We have a very "simple" philosophy.

  • Build for actual use cases and not perceived ones

  • Use the latest technologies, but only where appropriate and not for "fashion" sake

  • Don't unnecessarily layer open source technologies on top of each other, less is more

  • Always default to tried and tested patterns and methods, to ensure simplicity and maintainability

Most importantly: build small manageable blocks, libraries or services.

  • Build once but build well

  • Test once but test well

  • Reuse many times