Our Story


Our Story

Ajay Kapoor founded Fixed Income Software in 2014 and has over 15 years experience in the investment banking and finance industry. Having consulted for companies that include, J P Morgan, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group & LCH amongst others.

In 2014 eConnect Connector framework was released as a licensed product, designed and built for all the same market connectivity and integration problems that had been addressed over the years. This was first licensed and used in 2015 by a consortium of 15 top tier investments banks and around 25 of their buy side clients, in a real-time AXE indication network utility. The framework formed the bases of a Buy Side web GUI providing real time pre-trade AXE indications from a FIX based network utility, on a secure internet hosted GUI. The framework also formed the basis of an offering to the sell side, providing a fast integration option to connect to the network utility.

eConnect soon evolved to become more dynamic and operate in a distributed fashion, functioning as a micro services platform for financial systems. This platform has generated interest from financial institutions, and forms the basis of proposals to develop their systems.


Our Company

We are a collaboration of technology and business SME's who have been building and supporting financial systems for many years. We're now collaborating to give you more flexibility and support, alongside the same excellent service you've always had.

We have three key aims

  • We aim to commoditise the parts of your critical and high performance financial systems, that are addressed at the inception of every new project. We believe generic functionality and plumbing should be provided "off the shelf", allowing domain experts to worry about the problem domain. To deliver this we have produced products that specifically cater for the financial industry.
  • We aim to bring together the best of the industry professionals, that you have been hiring independently for many years. We think our team of industry professionals and specialist software products, partnered with your domain experts will enable high quality systems to be built at reduced cost and risk.
  • The true success of a system, in any industry is measured by the value it gives to it's users and its longevity. To ensure this we will provide continuous backup and support for all our implementations, whether its to help with production issues, just questions for knowledge transfer or the user has new requirements, and the system requires extending or updating.

Our Team

Our team is a collaboration of individuals who have many years of experience in the financial industry, ranging from the worlds largest investment banks to regional banks and hedge funds. All of us have many years of experience and have played significant roles in helping to successfully deliver IT systems for the financial industry.