What do we do ?

We partner with you to deliver your front office systems for Fixed Income and FX, our domain expertise and off the shelf eConnect platform reduces your delivery time and risk. We operate a DevOps culture which provides you post go-live support to ensure your systems run smoothly when you really need them.

System Design and Build

Our core business is to partner with you to deliver front office systems for a successful trading operation. We’ve been building them for years with our tried and tested software and know-how, resulting in flexible, resilient and performant platforms

Strategic Solutions

Our knowledge of the capital markets and grasp of technology puts us in a unique position to design strategic solutions, whether your increasing trading volume and products or consolidate in-house IT systems

Expert Teams and Resourcing

Our consultants are the same people that have been helping you deliver your front office systems for years. We now bring them to you with the backing of an organisation that specialises in front office solutions

Who are we ?

We are the technology and business SME's who have been building and supporting your financial systems for many years. We're now collaborating to give you more flexibility and support, alongside the same excellent service you've always had.

An off-the-shelf platform to build front-office systems


Distributed Workflow

Trading and Pricing Events

Detect off-market pricing or trigger kill-switches and reportable activity for MiFID/R

Market Depth

Combine multiple quote streams and internal RFQ quotes for a real-time view of best-ex

Network Extension

Market Connectivity

Connect to markets and venues or internal systems for trading, quoting and STP 

Access Control & Security

Authenticated access for server-side apps and GUI users. Built in audit and encrypted data storage

Java & JavaScript API

Access platform data and services with custom server-side apps or web GUI's

Run Anywhere

Run applications and data storage across multiple cloud providers and on-prem datacentre

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