eConnect Services

We have a team of technology & business consultants, with many years of experience in the financial industry. Our team has the experience to advise and implement solutions to solve your business problems.

Bespoke System Integration

System integration is another of our key strengths, with our extensive experience in transforming & understanding the semantics of financial data formats, we have the ability to successfully integrate your systems. Using our off the shelf frameworks we can build high performance integration solutions. We can help with integrating internal systems over standard transports or high frequency feeds, like price or market data from external exchanges and providers.

Bespoke Platform Design & Development

Our team has a wealth of experience in building and implementing bespoke price generation and trade execution platforms. These tend to be complex high performance systems, often requiring big budgets and are associated with high risks. We have produced a micro services platform, to bring you all the generic and non functional features of such a system, off the shelf. Our approach of partnering with your internal teams and using our platform will reduce your cost and risk to build these essential systems.

Market Connectivity

Connecting to markets for all asset classes, globally, is one of our key strengths. We have experience helping the financial industry in arranging, managing and building custom connectivity using our off the shelf framework.

Technology Consulting

Whether you need to review an existing technology or system, or seek opinion on the latest approaches and technologies, we have an experienced team who can cater for both, helping you to solve your business problem. We bring a wealth of experience from the financial industry, ranging from some of the worlds largest banks to local and regional financial institutions.